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TCS Spring Meeting

Posted on April 21, 2007 by Hubert

AuthorJust returned from the TCS, (Tennessee Cave Survey), meeting in Sewanee, Tennessee.  It was a good meeting followed by good fellowship at a nearby restaurant.  The presentation by Matt Niemiller on cave fish was interesting and sightly over my head.  The Talk on Nunley Cave and cave diving was very interesting and I also learned a little bit about bolting, although I am mostly a horizontal caver.  It was great to see some old friends again, I have missed the last couple of meetings due to health issues and am now looking forward to doing a little more caving.

Tennessee now has over 9,000 known caves and the goal is to have a tag stating “Land of 10,000 Caves”.  The TCS added 115 new caves last year to their survey. I understand that a lot of new cave are being found in north central Tennessee near the Kentucky border, this appears to be a neglected part of the state with plenty of caves.  

Grassy Cove Saltpeter Cave During one of my discussions with some cavers form Knoxville, I heard that rabbit hole we discovered on March 18, 1972 had been sealed off.  I am not sure of the reason, they thought that it may be due to the heavy traffic in that area.  Click here to read about the March 18th discovery.

Posted February 17, 2014 by caverhubert

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