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Posted on September 16, 2010 by Hubert
MYCOVER 600 x 800

Tumbling Rock Cave

In Tumbling Rock Cave,

saltpeter works can be found

to fight those enslaved.


Small mountains of dirt,

like tables set for a meal

with sparkles of chert.


Leaching bins abound,

For gun powder in demand

fight and not be found.


Listen, you may hear,

the echo of solders gone

that dug dirt in fear.


Union solders search,

to find the caves and destroy,

catch them in a lurch.


Two huge columns stand

sparkling like diamonds when wet

like an elephant


Formations abound,

Totem Gallery is great

formations big round.


Like Indian carvings,

all in a row for a show,

if you like caving.


Up the Kings Shower,

to enter the topless pit

gaze up the tower.


Water droplets fall,

like a snow storm in the night

looking up in awe.


Thru Suicide Crawl,

to the Asphalt Ooze of oil

stay against the wall.


The floor seems to move,

like a snake under the carpet,

as the oil migrates.


We come to admire,

Mt. Olympus of the cave

the pillar of fire.

~Hubert Crowell

From the book, Blue Skies of August.  You can preview the book here.


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Pushing The Limit   1 comment

Chapbook of Poems

Are You Pushing the Limit

When you tackle a job,
when you take on the mob,
do you give it your all,
or put things off till fall?

When your feeling low and not really with it,
dig up those old projects and push the limit,
listen to that inter voice that says do a little better,
get an early start and show everyone you not a quitter.

Set a goal with steps that are quite small,
take each one in stride so not to fall,
getting older brings a sort of urgency,
to finish projects dropped for other emergencies.

You will know when you have reached it,
that feeling you get when it’s correctly hit,
stand tall and proud when you succeed,
doing what others only dreamed.

Tight Crawl

Panic under the mountain

Pushing The Limit avalible now.   You can preview this book here.

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All About Caving   Leave a comment

THUMBNAIL_IMAGE 01Welcome to All About Caving.

Drawn to Darkness is fiction, drawn however from experiences as a child growing up in the 50’s and living in the mountains. The cave along the Piney River is real and I explored it as I played there alone. The cave in the book is totally fictitious, but so much like the many caves found in the mountains of Tennessee. This book is about exploration and adventure, about young people having fun and getting to know each other.

I have always heard that true stories are stranger than fiction. The fiction in this book is based on parts of true stories put together for Matthew, the main character and his friends, John, Clair, and Joann. Teenagers in a small Tennessee mountain town, growing up in an age of uncertainty and threat of nuclear war. But free to explore the world around them.

You can preview Dawn to Darkness here.

See all of my books here.

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