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Hubert Crowell currently writes, explores caves, plays the fiddle and works three days a week. He has in the past panned for gold, served in the army, repaired TV’s, microfilm equipment, video projectors and other electronic devices. He has taught classes at Vocational School, Eastman Kodak and Church. He has worked at Lockheed, Kodak, BARCO and RCA to mention only a few. Studied at Southeastern University, Kennesaw University and Chattahoochee Technical College. Hubert’s articles, poems and music can be found at: http://www.hubertcrowell.name

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  1. I was a draftee at Ft. Hood for 26 weeks across the street from Elvis Presley in both companies. I was a high school dropout & 22 years old when I was drafted. My first 8 weeks was in the 50th ARB, 2nd Armored div. I qualified for OCS and after my 2 weeks leave I was assigned to the 51st ARB as a squad leader to test my leadership skills. Presley was again across the street. this time we were in the old “temporary” WWII barracks after being in the new modern ones. We spent a lot of time with a Captain who was an OCS graduate, I passed all the background and testing and he advised us to remain enlisted if we were serious about an army career. He would he would trade his captain bars for master sgts stripes any day because of the costs involved in being commissioned. As luck would have it Russia was making loud threats and the other guy and I were penciled in to go to Germany. Once there I was told they were short handed on junior officers and they would fly me back to Benning for 6 months then i would be returned to Germany with my gold bars and re-enlist for an additional THREE YEARS! Being enlisted didn’t sound so bad with that alternative. I was a Sp-4 most of the time and acting Sgt squad lead more than once. I was also titled ASST. AMMO NCO BUT THE NCO HAD EARNED HIS STRIPES AS A WARRIOR IN KOREA AND WAS NOT EQUIPPED TO TAKE CARE OF A FIVE TON TRUCK OF EVERY Imaginable ammo round ever made. It was an interesting 18 months and I was part of Winter Shield. Our platoon guarded one of the short range missiles mounted on an 18 wheeler. the commies would jam my radio and play eerie music. I am presently attempting to complete a fictional novel based on facts. i have published six book. four are short stories, poetry and essays. one novel now out of print) and one book of short stories called “SOUL OF THE SOUTH”. AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. COM ,IT CAN BE REVIEWED ON KINDLE ON AMAZON. IT IS MY ONLY HARD COVER AND ALSO THE ONLY ONE AVAILABLE ON KINDLE. I have enjoyed reading about your experiences. i kept up a web sight for a few years but i am nearing 81 years old and don’t have the time it would require to build another..I look forward to reading some of your things, congratulations. BTW I live in HENDERSONVILLE, TN (BEDROOM COMMUNITY TO NASHVILLE).

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    Myrlen and Faye Britt
    • Thank you for the input, as we served about the same time frame in Germany, it was interesting reading account. I was an SP4 most of my tour, however we had a new crew in the FDC that I was in charge of and we were just too slow during the last Battery test. I felt good that we put the rounds on the target and not in some village or a tent full of GI, both of which I witnessed while there. I fought the article 15 and lost, returned to the states the way I went in, a PFC and my Second Lt. did not get his 1st lt. bars. I felt it turned out for the best, as I did not reenlist and missed Vietnam! It was an experience I will never forget and was happy to serve my country. The service taught me a lot being only 16 when I went in.


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