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Hawk Mountain

The plot for a new book I am working on.


Matthew, Clair, John, and Joann join up with Martin and Sue to hike for a week on the AT. At the top of Hawk Mountain, they run into trouble when something or someone scares them. They decide to try and track them down and find out what is going on.

Ed, retired and living alone, hikes the trail and searches Hawk Mountain for Indian artifacts. If hikers on the AT get too close to his diggings he will try and scare them off. Ed also has to avoid the Army Rangers who conduct training excises on the mountain.

Matthew found information on the internet about a shelter on Hawk Mountain with a strange story about two friends on their third day of hiking in Georgia from Springer Mountain on the A.T. When they arrived at the two-story shelter, with a picnic table and two wood windows opening on the second level in the rear, it appeared that the last occupants left in a rush. They left a tarp, toilet paper, a t-shirt, and other items. It looked like someone or something scared them off.

*** Summer of 2016 ***

As Martin and Sue are standing near the Ranger landing spot with the “523 aviation marker” on the ground, a bolt of lightning strikes the ground nearby blowing a large foot deep hole in the ground. Sue slightly dazed looks around for Martin who cannot be found. After the group search for Martin, they decide to camp there and wait.

Martin looked around at the strange landscape, the trees were strange, like none he had never seen before. Large leaves and jungle vines hanging from all of them. Then he remembered the flash, just like when he walked past the mailbox with the number 150 on the side that sent him back in time 150 years. He thought about the number on the ground near where he stood, 523. Had he traveled back in time 523 years? How long would it take to return this time, days, hours, or minutes?

*** Summer of 1493 ***

Dark Cloud and Broken Branch stood before the tribal chief and awaited their instructions. Chief Thunder Cloud stood tall and spoke with a loud voice, “We have strangers from a distant land where the Sun rises approaching our beaches. I am sending you on a long journey to our father’s burial grounds high in the mountains. You are to take our tribes treasure and bury it there. Place a flat rock over the spot, then mark the trail from there back to our summer hunting grounds, so that we may find it in the future.”

Dark Cloud looked worried, as he starred at Chief Thunder Cloud. “The tribal treasure is very heavy, and Broken Branch has only one good arm. How can we carry such a heavy load that long distance.”

“You will travel with our hunting party leaving in the morning, they will help you. When you reach the camp at the western edge of our hunting ground, you will be on your own up the mountain to our happy hunting ground of our fathers. Take care that no one sees where you bury the treasure.”

“I may have been born with this broken branch, but my other arm is twice as strong, we will be able to carry the load.” Said Broken Branch.”

“Very well here is the treasure in this strong dear skin bag, guard it well.”

The hunting party traveled ten days to camp at the hunting ground, and after a day of rest Broken Branch and Dark Cloud left for the burial ground carrying the treasure with a pole on their shoulders and the bag tied between them. The two-day hike had been made several times before when a chief or medicine man died.

As he lay there on the grass, Martin heard strange voices in the distance. Pulling himself up to his feet, he found a hiding place nearby in the thick undergrowth. Two Indians carrying a heavy load attached to a pole between them were coming up the trail toward him. Martin crouched down and held his breath until they went by. Keeping a safe distance he followed them up the mountain. At last, they stopped at a small clearing and dug a shallow hole with their knife. They buried the large bag in the hole and placed a large flat rock over the loose dirt.

After the Indians left, Martin dug up the bag and opened it. Gold nuggets almost spilled out. Martin dragged the gold a short distance and placed it between three large rocks, looking around he found another flat rock that would cover the gold and rest on the three that were in the ground. On the side of one of the three rocks, he scratched a deep X. brushing the grass back up to cover the path made by dragging the gold he retreated back to the open hole, filled it and placed the flat rock back in place.

Checking his watch, twenty-five minutes had passed and he hoped this trip would be like the first, only thirty minutes in duration. He returns to the exact spot where he stood when the flash occurred and waited.

*** Summer of 2016 ***

As Sue and Clair waited at the “523 marker”, Matthew, John, and Joann searched a large circle around the landing field looking for Martin. Almost thirty minutes had passed since Martin disappeared. A hiker approached John, “What are you looking for?”

“Our friend is lost and we don’t know where he went, have you seen anyone on the trail without a backpack? He left it at our camp.”

“No, my name is Ed, I’ll be looking for arrowheads around the mountain, if I see him I’ll tell that his friends are looking for him. What’s his name?”

“Martin, and tell him that Sue is worried about him.”

Ed continued on with his search for Indian artifacts. Looking back as he left, making sure he was not being followed. He had found an old burial ground and needed to be alone to dig for artifacts.

Sue jumped and fell over the top of Martin when he suddenly appeared sitting next to her on the ground. “Where in the world did you come from?”

“Sure glad it lasted only thirty minutes.”

“You’re glad what lasted only thirty minutes?”

“You know, my trip to the past, let’s move away from that marker before it sends me back again like each time I walked past the broken mailbox with the number 150 on it, and I went back one hundred and fifty years into the past. The first time it lasted only thirty minutes, then doubled each time I came into contact with it. Now it looks like the same thing is going on with the numbers on the ground!”

“You mean you traveled back in time five hundred and twenty-three years?”

“Not sure, but it sure looked different and I saw a couple of Indians that I hid from.”

Clair, returning from a short walk to the edge of the field, “Martin! Where have you been, we were looking all over for you?”

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