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MYCOVER 600 x 800

Georgia Caver

Mud and slime will not stop a Georgia caver.

Tight crawls make a challenge that we favor.

Rain or shine, under ground it’s always good weather.

Watch for storms, take the high route, stay together.

We take nothing but pictures and leave only tracks.

Push all the leads and follow all tight cracks.

Carry plenty of light and maybe even a snack.

Bring a complete change of clothes, bag or sack.

We map as we go, but some will scoop.

At day’s end we are all ready for soup.

A Georgia caver, but TAG is more like home.

We will drive to Knoxville, Nashville, Huntsville or Rome.

Big or small, deep and long, we’ll take all!

Caving at its best winter, summer, spring and fall.

 Georgia Caver

                    Figure 18 In memory of John Wallace 1924-1994, Georgia caver.

From the book Trees, Bees and Weeds, you can preview it here.

Posted February 18, 2014 by caverhubert in Books, Caving, Chapbooks of Poems

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