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The Bypass

 To avoid the drop, take the Bypass,

a little tight but better than an impasse.

Going down is easy, just let go and slide.

When you reach the bottom, just lay back and glide.

The bottom opens up into a nice low stroll,

now coming back you may feel like a mole.

The upward slope tends to make you rise,

before you reach the spot that is the right size.

Rising up before the end may get difficult,

unable to turn your head or even look up.

To continue on you must relax and subside,

hug the floor until it forces you up the side.

As you become vertical trying for a foothold,

position your arms so they will unfold.

Now you know if you are a little overweight,

wouldn’t it be wonderful just to deflate?

If you’re in the lead and the slope is dry,

feel blessed–and sorry for the next guy.

If your boots are wet and greasing the floor,

the last person out will curse all the more.

Tight SpotPettyjohn Cave, Georgia

From book, Coal Dust and Cave Mud, you can preview it here.

Posted February 18, 2014 by caverhubert in Books, Caving

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