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Dreaming Deep and Low

Still and quiet, all I hear is my heart,

I strain to see or hear, could this be art?

A lovely painting of black in my mind,

to clear my thoughts and help unwind.

Mountains rise as water finds the cracks,

to make strange places that have no tracks.

Some are drawn to push below,

exploring where the going is slow.

Older now, I can only dream,

of wading some unknown stream.

Still others explore deep below,

taking pictures for all to show.

Water running, the tick of a clock,

or was it the sound of falling rock.

A glimmer of light, what lies ahead?

I guess its time to get out of bed!


 From the book Challenges of Life, you can preview it here.

Posted February 18, 2014 by caverhubert in Books, Caving, Chapbooks of Poems

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